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Whether you’re looking to hire someone who can produce top-notch political opinion writing, or you simply need another set of eyes on your speech for your brother’s wedding, Chris Walker can help!

Chris has been writing professionally since 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism, and excels at producing content that is both perfectly spelled and grammatically sound.

You can rest easy knowing that Chris works diligently to craft the best copy that you can ask for. If you have a project in mind that requires writing, Chris is the guy to contact!

Examples of services Chris Walker offers:
  • Political - Chris specializes in persuasive political copy. He has written opinion pieces and editorials since 2005, in both print and online formats for a myriad of publications. With thousands of writings on a variety of political subject matter authored by Chris, you will be guaranteed a well-researched and eloquently written product every time. Available for Freelance or Ghostwriting opportunities also.
  • Professional - Got a resume or cover letter that needs tweaking? Chris Walker has experience with both. Chris has been trained on creating eye-catching resumes, and can provide captivating cover letters that will impress. Chris can also help edit any project you have that needs another look, having worked as an Editor in the past.
  • Personal - Chris has experience writing short speeches, presentations, and other personal messages for special occasions. Chris is also an ordained minister, and has organized wedding ceremonies! If you need Chris for any of these personal services and more -- or if you’re interested in hiring him to do your wedding! -- contact him today.

I don’t list rates for writing jobs because I’m negotiable with pricing. When discussing rates, I first like to find out what the contract entails, and go from there. My services are priced at a fair and affordable range. Contact me today, and let’s start writing!

EMAIL politicalheatwi@gmail.com

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