About Political Heat

Political Heat began in 2009 as the “musings from the mind of a Madison liberal.” Though Chris Walker now resides just outside of Madison, his liberal-ness remains, and so do his opinions.

From the inauguration of President Obama, through the Scott Walker protests and subsequent recall election, to the current election period, Political Heat has strived to keep going for one purpose: to adequately explain liberalism, and to also explain why conservatism hurts so many Americans. Liberalism itself has been derided constantly, so much so that commentators on the right use it to mean “bad,” while those on the supposed left rarely use it if at all.

Liberals and those who don’t understand the ideology should embrace the true meaning of the word, understanding the broader meaning of giving aid to those in need, and doing what’s right morally and logically speaking for the citizens of this country.

With a continued focus on political commentary, Political Heat continues to try and explain matters pertaining to the people of this state and country in terms of liberalism's promise.

Chris Walker wrote this post one year after Political Heat began. Part of what he wrote appears below, and explains in detail why Americans are more liberal than they may believe themselves to be...
The foundation of liberalism. Free speech and free belief; free thought and free expression; a drive for excellence and improvement of one’s lot; an equal footing in the marketplace of ideas; the ability to work hard and succeed, bettering your life in the process.

We might not always agree on the means to reach our ends; but we want the same things. The invisible hand of economics cannot guarantee the things our founding fathers laid out for us. As liberals, we encourage free enterprise, the rewards of success, and the ability to spend your money how you like. But we also believe in giving those who are with want, who are unable to provide for their families through no fault of their own, the opportunities to become successful, to become the innovators that drive our country forward.

This is what liberalism stands for.