RNC Used Ho Chi Minh City as Image of Milwaukee on Its Convention Website

A BOSTON GLOBE REPORTER noted something peculiar about the Republican National Committee's (RNC) website, featuring its convention set to occur in Milwaukee this July.

Up until today, the skyline the organization decided to use on its page for the convention didn't even depict Milwaukee, but rather Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam.

"Was on the 2024 GOP convention website and saw it used a background image that... does not look like Milwaukee. Which makes sense because it's actually a photo of Ho Chi Minh City," national political reporter Sam Brodey said on X.

Upon Brodey's catch of this error, the RNC changed its banner image to show the actual city on its website. But apparently, Republicans had the image up since as far back as February.

Quick advice for any political party out there listening: If you're trying to impress the host city of your nominating convention — and if you're trying to win the Electoral College votes of the swing state that city is within — it's probably best to do more than just the bare minimum amount of work, like picking a random skyline picture from another country, to show you actually give a crap about the place.